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Pathway to Transformation

When we are in a fluid relationship with the mind, body, and spirit we are able to experience a sense of embodied peace and power. It is then that we can release unhealthy relationships. It is then that we can be unbound from painful traumatic memories. It is then that we can truly cultivate wisdom, and create forms of abundance, connection, and love in our lives.

We hear the phrase mind body spirit a lot. I think for many people it has no meaning. It has become idiomatic and lacking of the potency of what it is really about. But what if we came at this phrase differently? What if you thought about it through your personal story? What if we considered our own narrative through the lens of mind, body, spirit/subtle body. What would your story be? What do have to say about what you know and how you know it? Consider your relationship to your body for instance. How do you experience the body? How did those body wisdoms start? What about subtle body? And what is that anyway?

Here’s an invitation: create personal narrative through the framework of mind, body, and spirit/subtle body using this prompt What’s your mind body spirit story? Maybe if we see ourselves through a similar frame the notion of mind body spirit will become rich, real, and meaningful.