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Cultivating Experiences of Embodiment, Connection, and Wholeness

Depth psychology, the healing arts, and intentional creative process can assist in the forging and integration of new information. They are the gateway and the bridge toward integration of mind, body, and the subtle body. Working intentionally with image and symbol allows a person to reach innovative solutions. Integrated Psychotherapy incorporates depth psychology, the healing arts, and intentional creative process. I believe it has potential for transforming our relationships on many levels including with the Feminine. Through amplifying meaningful experiences of the mind, body, subtle body interrelationship there occurs an integration, and with that a sense of embodied wholeness. “

 Holistic integrated psychotherapy combines depth psychology with somatic experiences, east west healing philosophy, mindfulness practices, and intentional creative processes. It meets a person where they are and treats the whole person addressing emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of being. This is a psychotherapy that incorporates both mindfulness (focusing) & heartfulness (present centered awareness) as tools for alleviating suffering.

Mary McCrystal, Ph.D., MFT

Dr. Mary McCrystal is a group facilitator & leader, a teacher, and depth psychologist. She specializes in psychological and spiritual well being. She is a published author of Maidens in the Red Tent and Revisioning the Feminine Through Intentional Creative Process.

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Child Therapy

Child Therapy

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The Three Branches

The Three Branches

1. Depth Psychology- “The psyche is a self-regulating system that maintains equilibrium just as the body does.”  ~Jung, 1954/1985 Depth Psychology is an interdisciplinary endeavor, drawing on literature, philosophy, mythology, the arts, and critical studies. Depth...