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Integrated Psychotherapy

Cultivating Experiences of Embodiment, Connection, and Wholeness

Integrated Psychotherapy incorporates depth psychology, the healing arts, and intentional creative process. I believe it has potential for transforming our relationships on many levels. Are you ready to live a life full of purpose and free of suffering? Imagine being able to create a life you desire, a life where you no longer limit yourself because of all the troubles, pain, or the unavoidable tragedies of the past. Meaning and purpose will be unlocked when you learn how to free your mind and open your heart. Together we will amplify meaningful experiences of the heart, mind, body, subtle body interrelationship. This is where you will discover integration, and an experience of embodied wholeness. “


Dynamic Energetics

Visualization + Meditation


Healer’s Codex

Sage Council

Dream Weaving

Sacred Storytelling